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Data Recovery

Data are very important either collecting memories or running business. Once you lose them permanently, you lose everything permanently. However, you don’t need to worry too much as Wizardnetwork is much more capable of retrieving any kind of lost data due to either physical damage or logical damage.

    We categorised data extracting processes in 3 steps.
  • Level 1 complexity of data recovery
  • Level 2 complexity of data recovery
  • Level 3 complexity of data recovery

Hence, we always recommend customer please not to play with system once you feel like you going to lose the data rather, we strongly suggest to contact any of our technicians because the technical fees will be much lesser than the disaster.

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Kris Gautam, Managing Director

Our services incorporate all IT solutions from small to the large businesses. The main services includes Technical Supports, Networking, Repairing, Design and building Computers and sales, which can be done either on site or on lab according to the customers’ requirements. Our services are available 24/7 no matter what. We are there for your whole IT solutions with guaranteed, reliable, sustainable, economical, and friendly environment. Hence, if you are feeling this is the right place from your gut, please remember us- we won’t let you down because we believe in what we do.

Our team comprises with differnt expertise.All our staff are not only highly experienced, but also have armed with computer science degrees!

Please just give us call, and will be be there anytime for helping you.

We belive having a up-to date information of equipment is of having a 50 percent of your problems'solutions. Hence, we never compromise of learning and having a A++ Grade equipments, which will provides a long-term ease.

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