A Few Words About Us

Wizard Network is a pure IT company locating in the heart of Sydney CBD and has been providing services for more than 11 years. Our clients comprises Traditional to Professional and Small to the Large companies: Asset Management, Distributor and Wholesaler companies, Real estates, Accounting Firm, Education and Visa Services, Hospitals, Outo Mobiles, Travel agencies, Convenience Stores, Non-profit organizations, and certainly Home businesses.

The main services includes Technical Supports, Networking, Computer Repairing, Design and building Computers and sales, which can be done either on site or on lab according to the customers’ requirements.

Moreover, we have been liaising and working with many Australian based companies. Therefore, we don’t compromise any things to get our jobs done to the optimum level and have 100% customers’ satisfaction in the market. Our services are available 24/7 no matter what. We are there for your whole IT solutions with guaranteed, reliable, sustainable, economical, and friendly environment. Hence, if you are feeling this is the right place from your gut, please remember us- we won’t let you down because we believe in what we do.

providing quality repair services

Our mission is to provide innovative repair services for your computers, laptops, and other high-tech devices and gadgets. We also aim to give you excellent customer service and quality repair with a quick turnaround. We strive to get you back to normal use of your device as soon as possible without the need to overpay for our services. We have students and Seniors' discounts.

wizardnetwork never compromise with not only the computer repair services but also with the quality products and parts because we believe in quality service build on the genuine parts, which allows us and our customers free from hassles for long run.

offering the best customer service

We aim to help our clients recover their devices’ operability and educate them on how to avoid such issues in the future. Our team also strives to offer top-notch customer service through consulting our regular and new customers on how to easily install software and how basic maintenance of their computers can help them.

We only offer right service and product on the right time considering the usage and futures possibles coming updates of technology, reducing their hidden cost and problems.We understand their priorites and urgencies and put ourselves to provide the 24/7 services .

The best service cannot be think without having a proper knowledge; hence, we are always updated with the current augmented technology.So, just share your thoughts, we can handle everything from there!!

Dedication, integrity, and expertise

WIZARDNETWORK is committed to respecting the highest value of labour, human rights, environmental and ethical principle. WIZARDNETWORK’s supplier, distributers, resellers, customers are required to provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically. WIZARDNETWORK also requires its suppliers and customers to operate in accordance with principles and requirements.

Dedication: Wizard network is fully committed to provide the best services on time as per client’s needs.

Integrity: We believe that integrity is a key component of our business, which allows us honestly living by our and our customers highest value.

Expertise: Information Technology is a ever changing field; hence, we focus on being up-to-date regardless of our busyness.


To get the best outcome of the computers and other gadgets, they must adjust and optimize with correct process. Having old and slow devices is not a issue anymore because we can enable the built-in hidden and unused components & functions of the system, making 5X faster.

Setup & Install

We setup and install all kind of devices and software and configure them. While doing so, we can transfer your data from old devices to new one. Finally, we make sure that everything is intact and finalise the work.

Diagnostics & Repair

Wizardnetwork is extremely capable of diagnose problems and repair them in an effective way. NO BIG OR SAMLL ISSUES CAN ESCAPE FROM US!! Just try us you won’t be disappointed!

Our team

Our history

The beginning of IT Industy Success

When we started an IT company, there were a few in the market. Hence, every problem we faced everyday had to resolve with the minumum of resources unlike today. We started the business in tough time. A robust recession soon after that time in Australia. No one had any money. It teaches us to work hard and over serve the customer at these times and a good name is worth far more than gold and rubies, directing us on right paht.

National expansion and promotion of our services

By 2021 the every aspect of technology had already boomed, so we decided to expand our services national wise due to a high demand.

Opening new offices in Asia

By this time, many developed countries: Australia, America, Europ had a sohisticated IT Infrastructures. However, our motto was to provide the service around the world and create opportunities equally.

Partnering with manufacturers of computer components

Since our establishment founded we have partned directly with differents sectors of vendors, including, Intel, HDMI, NVDIA, Microsoft, Asus, Dell, HP, and so on. Hence, we provide only the genuine products.

Our clients


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