What is the issue you are having on your computer?

You are here presumeably by either having computer issues or needing IT-Support. If so, you are on a right track. Please notice the type of issue and make ready the specification of the device before calling us, allowing both of saving time. However, if you don't know about the computer, don't worry - we will take you through it.

A computer can have various problems, especially, related to Motherboard/chipset because this is the main board of the system where all the components are lied on. Although it is hard to tell exactly untill we diagnose the system properly, our computer technicians can assist you taking out of any kind of Computers' problems.

Nowadays most of the computer's problems are related to Software: Operating System, windows Critical Updates, anti-virus, Email client, Advertisments and so on. The Symptoms of software issues are as following:

  • Blue Screen
  • Black Screen
  • Critical Updates Codes
  • Freezing on Startup
  • Automatic Repairing
  • Displaying Bios
  • When you see such kind of issues, we strongly recommend not to play with the computer unless you are sure as to what you are doing. Otherwise, you may lose you Data.

    No matter what you name the problems, our expert computer technicans can fix them without any doubt.

    We sincerely hope that each and every user entering our website will find exactly what he/she is looking for. Identifying the computer screen problems are comparitively easy if you see any cracks and dots in the screen. However, sometimes screen cannot display if there are related Motherboard too.

    Keyboards problems are straight forwards to Identifying. Keyboard problems are happned by exposing with any kind of liqud or dust in the keypad. No drama at all, we can repair for you.

    Computers' Power Problems are very common and they could be on different form, For example, Computer not turning on, DC Power Adapter Problem, DC Power Adapter Jack Problem, Curcit Problem on Motherboard and so on.

    Computer Problems could be anything; hence, please let us know if you find different problem on your computer other than what we have mentioned earlier.

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    Computer Repair

    wizardnetwork services all the IT Supports for both Home and Business . Without computer we cannot even think about our daily life; hence, we are there for your needs either repairing computer or buying a reliable computers. However, fixing a computer is fairly easy and cheaper than buying a new computer. Our IT professionals can quickly diagnose you PC or Laptop instantly and fix them right a way. We have been doing computer repair for 15+ years in Sydney, and our services are extremely reliable and great value.

    We never compromise on providing the best services, I belive that I can get an opportunity to serve you as well


    Kris Gautam- Managing Director
    Feel free to contact us, we are ready to help you!
    Kris Gautam, Managing Director

    Our services incorporate all IT solutions from small to the large businesses. The main services includes Technical Supports, Networking, Repairing, Design and building Computers and sales, which can be done either on site or on lab according to the customers’ requirements. Our services are available 24/7 no matter what. We are there for your whole IT solutions with guaranteed, reliable, sustainable, economical, and friendly environment. Hence, if you are feeling this is the right place from your gut, please remember us- we won’t let you down because we believe in what we do.

    Our team comprises with differnt expertise.All our staff are not only highly experienced, but also have armed with computer science degrees!

    Please just give us call, and will be be there anytime for helping you.

    We belive having a up-to date information of equipment is of having a 50 percent of your problems'solutions. Hence, we never compromise of learning and having a A++ Grade equipments, which will provides a long-term ease.

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