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How to know your computer has virus, and how to clean your pc from Virus.

Know your computer has virus and delete this nasty virus immedately. Computer communicates through internet, and many online computers are prone to virus attacks. Virus is malicious software and it proliferate between computers. You get this virus from browsing and downloading from suspicious sites or from spam emails. These nasty viruses not only slowdown your computer but also help hackers to steal your digital information, leading to big losses.  Hence, to be protected from viruses, we should take a proper action for the possible contingencies. Before calling an IT consultant for the best computer services, you can use these following methods that clean computers from viruses. 

There are many ways to identify that your computer has virus.

Initially, you will notice computer’s strange behaviors. Secondly, computer get slower than usual. You will see unnecessary application installed or pop up in your computer. Another important sign is that your computer overheats and restart frequently. Once you see all this outlines and you don’t know what to do, get calm down and read and implement this article for the solutions.


Installing Premium Anti-Virus Software

Although the computers have preinstalled anti-virus software-defender-, it is highly recommended to have a proper premium license. It is true that premium anti-virus is a bit expensive; however, it is worthy. The paid version antivirus block spyware, web violation, trojan horses, and quarantine suspicious software and activities.  

Enabling Firewall

This is a built-in software in computer which limits the outer world to access your computer. This a best option so far available in the computers. First of all, Assigning and connecting your computer under the Private network protects it from hackers. Another important aspect of solution is to disable remote access function. If you really need remote access services, authenticate your system to the only known users through firewall and security policy.

Deleting Temporary Files

Computer stores quick supporting files into temporary folders of your system. There are two types of temporary folders: System and Local. You should close and opened application before deleting the temporary files. You may have wondered how to access those folders- lets dive in.

To access the Window’ s temporary folder, you hold-down the windows key and letter R key simultaneously. That will bring a dialogue box and type %temp% and hit enter key. Finally, select all and delete them.

For the User’s temporary folder, hold-down Windows key and letter R key on your keyboard and type just “temp” and hit enter key. The last jobs are selects all and delete them.

Empty Recycle Bin

After knowing your computer has virus, you can delete the viruses by emptying recycle bin. We may not have noticed that the deleted files have stored into the recycle bin. So, it is important to delete files from recycle bin, making free space.

Restart Computer in Safe Mode

It is pivotal to boot your computer sometimes in safe-mode, which will clear up and pending updates and about to crash system. These two reasons seem to be the main culprits of having computers problems. Safe mode is always safe!

Change Passwords

It is highly recommended to change passwords if you think your computer has viruses. Changing password will save you from many hassles. Also, update your browsers, system and applications.

In conclusion, we hope you have identified whether computer has virus or not,  and the aforementioned techniques solved your issues. However, if you are not sure or would like to permanently delete computer virus problems in a professional way, WIZARDNETWORK can help you at a reasonable cost in a truly professional environment.

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