Three Ways To Enhance Data Backup Solutions For Your Network Support in Sydney

Consider stepping inside your house, flicking on the light switch, and – pop! The light bulb has gone out, leaving you in the dark. If you’re prepared, you’ll have several spare bulbs to use to restore the light. If not, perhaps you have a candle in a drawer someplace that might help brighten the area a little.

This is a danger that many data recovery specialists in Sydney confront when it comes to their data backup practices. Business entrepreneurs already have a lot on their plates. Add to it any unforeseen catastrophe, such as a data loss, and it may become overwhelming. Given this, we’ve compiled a list of tips for improving data backup solutions for your company.

File Sync is not a backup solution

File sync should not be your sole backup method, but it may be an excellent supplement. Synchronizing files is useful if you lose your computer, but it will not help you with file corruption or unintentional content changes.

The ideal backup approach would include backup software that allows you to pick how many versions of a file to preserve and offers you a different path to restore from what you use every day. This allows you to return to what you desire rather than what the sync tool provides.

Bandwidth is costly

Assume that the average small to the medium-sized organization has 5 TB of business-critical data stored in backups. Businesses would have to transfer all of this data over their internet connection if they used a low-cost backup plan.

Users who understand their internet “speed” understand their download speeds. However, internet service providers (ISPs) rarely promote upload speeds upfront, and for good reason. High upload speeds are expensive, and ISPs would be foolish to advertise them.

Because companies sometimes have uneven internet speeds, it might be difficult to estimate how long it would take to simply transfer their 5 TB of data to their low-cost backup. Even at a pace of 100 Mb per second, uploading this data would take more than 5 days.

Cybersecurity Risks

Being caught without a well-thought-out backup plan might be hazardous. While paying more on backups does not ensure that they will avoid cyber-attacks, having a fully licensed backup will provide you with more planning alternatives.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for backup or cybersecurity, so the cheap backup will not suffice.

Consider a physical, offline backup besides an internet or cloud backup. Keeping a fully segregated, offline backup, often known as an “air-gapped backup,” will prevent any outside entity from accessing your backup through the internet.


Cheap backup solutions can be beneficial for file-sharing and collaboration, but they should not be used as a major backup solution for a corporation. These choices do not supply the capabilities that safeguard enterprises from data loss or cyber thieves on their own, and they may cost more money in the long run.

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