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My Computer Won’t Boot And I Am Not Sure What To Do

These days it is  always a surprise  if you push the power button on your computer, and it don’t boot or take you to the blue-screen. Because restarting the computer is one of the most popular at-home solutions to computer issues, if you can’t even turn it on in the first place, there appears to be little prospect of recovery!

However, it is not always a lost cause, and even if the computer doesn’t boot, a professional computer IT services near me can typically intervene to rescue the day.

Try the following simple actions at home before bringing your device to a professional IT consultancy service.

  • Examine Your Battery

When using a laptop, battery difficulties might create boot troubles. It’s worth trying a different charging cord to see if it resolves the issue. Test the cord on another laptop to ensure it is functional. Next, remove the battery from your system and connect it to a power source.

Removing the battery will allow you to determine whether a hardware issue is to blame.

  • Hardware Installation

New hardware in a computer might occasionally create booting issues If you recently installed new hardware on your computer, turn it off, unplug it, and restart it.

If the machine can boot to Windows after removing the new hardware, try installing it again. If the issue persists, the hardware is most likely incompatible or malfunctioning.

  • Disable Fast Boot

Fast Boot is an option in your BIOS or UEFI that allows Windows 10 to start faster by preloading drivers. Unfortunately, Windows Update has the potential to disrupt Fast Boot compatibility. Fortunately, you can disable Fast Boot in your BIOS rather than in Windows 10.

  • Try Windows Safe Mode

Safe Mode is the simplest solution for Windows boot difficulties.

Booting up computers in a safe mode allows your computer with the least amount of software. The altered boot method can avoid driver and software issues.

The ironic part is that occasionally restarting the machine in Safe Mode might resolve boot issues.

  • Back up your data

First, make a backup of your data to protect it from harm caused by disc boot failure. Make it a practice to back up your data regularly. For this, you can also take assistance from a data recovery specialist in Sydney.

After making a backup, verify the Mac’s BIOS and restart your system.

Despite these steps, if you still can’t discover an adequate solution, contact computer support and services near me. Among these is the WIZARDNETWORK, which offers computer repair, internet solutions, database management, and data recovery services, among others.

We strive to provide you with exceptional customer service and quality repairs on time. We attempt to return you to regular usage of your device as quickly as possible without requiring you to overpay for our services.

Call us on 0411-823-916 OR  send an Email to for further information. 

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